ZENcelo India – 6A 1 Way Full Flat Switch With Indicator-Dark Grey

ZENcelo – the World’s first range of full flat switches – It’s about an in-standing way of being ! It is for people who live a tasteful life who can appreciate the most sophisticated as well as the simplest. Clear of all unnecessary lines and protrusions, it harmoniously blends in with every contemporary décor. While style, innovation and simplicity is the hallmark of this range – safety and reliability continues to be of paramount importance – be it through arc encapsulated switches or child proof sockets – ZENcelo assures complete safety at every interface. ZENcelo range of switches & sockets are tested and validated to last for more than a decade ! All in all – if you are looking for an outstanding yet subtle design – which is also classy and stylish without shouting out for attention – ZENcelo is the range you want !

  • World’s first full – flat mechanical switch
  • Patented Iso – motion technology which ensures switch stays in th esame position whether On or Off
  • Robust & strong design – material made of corrosion resistant, heat resistant and impact resistant polycarbonate
  • Designed to Last for more than a decade – Switches tested to 80,000+ times


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Switch with indicator