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Racold 200 Litres Heat Pump Water Heater


Heat Pump unlike conventional electric water heaters saves upto 70% power.


Racold 200 Litres Heat Pump Water Heater

Racold Heat Pump Water Heater

  • Warranty

    2-year warranty on product and inner tank assuring a dependable service.

  • High Efficiency Compressor

    It ensures faster heat exchange, more hot water and increased savings.

  • Intelligent controller

    Temperature and the time when hot water is required can be easily set via smart digital.

  • Isolated safe condenser

    Designed according to European standards, this ensures safety and superior conduction of heat.

  • Magnesium Anode

    Protects your water heater and gives it a long life.

  • Quick Heating

    In this option the Water Heater will work on both Heat Pump and Heating Element mode, giving instant hot water.

  • Titanium Plus

    A new technology which uses titanium enamelling for the inner container ensures greater corrosion resistance against hard water.

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Heat pump water heater


200 Litres

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